Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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Even an island that has no sink or cook top is a very useful work surface, storage place, and sitting area.

Work Surface Island


Islands with cook tops offer a work triangle that is better suited for a kitchen with multiple cooks. The separate oven and cook top locations provide two cooking spots for two cooks at the same time.

Kitchen Island with Cooktop


Islands with prep sinks also provide a separate work place for a multiple cook kitchen, and offer a shorter path to a sink from the cook top.

Kitchen Island with Prep Sink


Split level islands are classified as a bar, but are good sitting, talking, eating, or working spots. Typical height for an island is 36" up from finish floor, and 42" up for a bar level section.

Split Level Island


Breakfast table over hangs are a common feature on islands, and are good for breakfast or an informal dinner. A breakfast style island is all the same height.

Breakfast Table Island


Here is a picture of a 3 level island if you think the normal 36' counter top height is too high for a table.

3 Level Island Picture


Completely open furniture style island

open leg kitchen island picture


Skinny Island Picture

skinny kitchen island picture


Triangle shaped Island

triange shaped island


Large kitchen island and breakfast table. This island weighs as much as a small car, so beef up those floor joist.

huge island picture


The kitchen island started as a common feature when kitchens and living rooms opened up into the great room. An island design helps to define the kitchen space from another rooms space, and ads a very functional aspect to the modern kitchen. Islands also add an extra flare to the design.