Small Kitchen Ideas

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Ideas for small kitchens are often very limited in how they can be laid out. Getting a little creative with the space is a necessary evil. One client of mine had a clothes washer where the dishwasher was supposed to go.

Compromises will need to be made. If you need more cabinet space and use a tall cabinet it takes away that much in countertop space.

Kitchen islands can invent more kitchen space where there was once floor. If your space is too small for an permanent island then a mobile island on wheels is a good option.

There are smaller specialty appliances out there like a 24" range, and a 18' dishwasher. Sink cabinets can reduce down to 30", just make sure the sink fits.

Use the full height of your space by getting the 42" tall upper cabinets for more storage, and keep a step stool around so the storage space is easily accessible. Drawer base units can increase storage in some cases.

Remove any non load bearing walls like a closet pantry, and use just cabinets to gain the space where the wall framing was. It is also possible to hang cabinets from the ceiling where there is no wall.

If possible, and there is room in a corner always use a lazy susan so there is no unused dead space.

Small Kitchen Ideas take some out of the box thinking, so don't be afraid to get weird! Below are some pictures of some nice but small kitchens.

 small kitchen picture 2Small Linear kitchen

small kitchen picture 1Small L Kitchen

small kitchen picture 4Small U Kitchen

small kitchen picture 5Nice Small Modern Kitchen

small kitchen picture 6Galley Kitchen



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