Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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Outdoor kitchens can be put together like any regular inside kitchen, but the materials need to be weather resistant. The design should also consider the climate, if you're in a high precipitation area then some sort of overhead protection would greatly increase the longevity of an outdoor kitchen. Any outside water supplies to a sink should have an easy way to shut off and completely drain for those cold nights, or for the whole winter.

Exterior cabinets are typically done by using exterior grade wood cabinets, or by building a stone structure and using stainless steel built in cabinets, and appliances.

outdoor kitchen cabinetsOutdoor Wood Kitchen Cabinets

These outdoor wood cabinets are made of marine grade plywood boxes, and solid thermal hickory doors. These cabinets are built to withstand any exterior weather. We carry these cabinets by Crestwood on our ABC Kitchen and Bath web site exterior cabinets page.


stone veneer outdoor kitchenStone Veneer Outdoor Kitchen

Often exterior cabinets are done by building a structure out of framing lumber, facing the wood with cement board, and then doing a stone veneer. With this method openings for stainless steel built in cabinets, and appliances are built to the size of the fixture.


outdoor kitchen picture 2Large Outdoor Kitchen Picture

The view is amazing in this outdoor kitchen, why would you ever cook inside. Notice the floor drain and the well tilted floor to drain the precipitation.



outdoor kitchen picture 3Simple Outdoor Kitchen



outdoor kitchen picture 1Fancy Out Door Kitchen


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