Best Toilet For The Money

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Are expensive toilets worth the money, and do they work better than the cheaper ones.

After installing a $700.00 dollar toilet, and a $100.00 dollar toilet back to back this week it made me wonder what is up with such a price spread. Usually in any product if one is 7 times the other same type of product in price, the expensive one better run circles around the other. I will not mention brand names in this case

The 700 dollar toilet, (or let's call it the throne), did look very designerish with the full skirt around the base, and the shapely top. The flushing mechanism was a button on top with the dual flush system, but the cheaper 100 dollar toilet also had a push button dual flusher.

The installation was a harder process for the expensive throne with the full skirt, and in the end did not secure the toilet to the floor as well because of the side bolt system.

The 100 dollar toilet did look like every other everyday boring toilet. The push button flusher at the top seemed to work a little better than the expensive throne flusher button.

So basically the difference between the two toilets is in look and price only, having the longevity unknown. Is a fancy throne really worth 7 times the money of the everyday plebeian toilet?;  I say not.