Kitchen ideas on a very limited budget

Having a very low budget for a kitchen makeover usually puts new cabinets and counter tops out of the question.

There are some things that can be done to dress up a tired kitchen without blowing the last of your savings. Saving the most money always comes from doing the work yourself.

If your mind is set on changing the cabinets the only option may be to paint them. Painting cabinets is labor intensive, and a quality job would involve a paint sprayer. The cost savings compared to new cabinets of course is enormous. I consider painting the cabinets a short term fix because the finish just won't be as durable as a factory finish.

Counter tops if done DIY can be affordable. Laminate or tile counter tops can easily be done by the homeowner who has a little craftsmanship. Granite tile being a step down from solid surface is still very durable, and with tight grout joints easily cleaned. The cost savings would be from $50.00 a sq-ft to $10.00 a sq-ft.

A new back splash can create a big splash whether there are new counter tops or not. The back splash is a small area square footage wise so the cost of material is low.

Changing, or adding to the lighting in a kitchen is a cost effective way to improve the look of a kitchen. Under or over cabinet lights can be retrofitted in from a plug in the wall. Changing, or adding some jazzy pendants can help. Changing out an ugly surface light and putting recessed can lights can be a nice change.

Appliances can easily break a budget as well. Sometimes just a new range hood does the job.

Saving money on kitchen flooring comes down to do it yourself installation, and doing a good search for the cheapest materials.

Simple things like changing the cabinet knobs, painting the walls a different color, and changing the faucet as a whole can have a dramatic change.

The middle of the road typical kitchen renovation is around $30,000 +, but with sticking to small changes, and using a little elbow grease can bring that cost down a great deal to an affordable level.


Max Wall

ABC Kitchen and Bath