Kitchen Ideas 2011 Trends

Kitchen ideas 2011 trends show some continuations of 2010 directions as well as some new.

 The information in this article comes from personal experience as a working kitchen design/build owner, and articles from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Appliances show a continuation in trends aside from a drop in popularity of under cabinet wine chillers. Stainless steel is still the look of choice, but there is rising use of cabinet panels for the concealed appliance look, (see picture below). Induction cook tops are making gains against gas. The french door refrigerator is still the most common. Beverage stations as in coffee and bar sections in a kitchen are gaining popularity.

concealed appliance picture


Cabinet styles are still trending towards the darker range. Clear cherry still hold its own however. The pull out trash can cabinet is a must these days. I haven't seen a clear winner between contemporary to traditional.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Picture


Countertop material choices are trending towards the quartz man made types. The quartz material is more stain resistant, doesn't need to be sealed and has lots of color/design choices. I still like the natural look and feel of natural stone. This picture below is also a good example of concealed appliances.

manufactured counter top picture


Bold colors are gaining popularity according to the NKBA, but I have not noticed this so much. I will add some bold color kitchen pictures as soon as I can find some.

Kitchen Lighting in general is trending towards LED, because it is so efficient and the bulbs last a very long time.